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Howdy! I'm Kirsten (she/her). Software developer by day, fiction writer by (mid)night.

I hope to create my own little digital gardenNot to be confused with the note–taking term or Zettelkasten, but in the future it may evolve to that!, planted with my thoughts and my works.

Here's a map, go forth and explore!

Or take a look at what I'm doing now.

Thanks for visiting and take care!

Latest blog post #

I won Succession bingo

Succession (2018), the TV series, reached its conclusion last Sunday, May 28th, 2023. As part of my totally normal grieving process, I present to you a bingo card I made before Season 4 aired and what it looks like now. Spoilers abound!

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Site updates #

Jun 05, 2023: Changed arrow symbol for external links, added filter format for numbers (word count), removed wave text animation (it's not working in Chromium browsers for some reason!?!?!

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